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Metal Market Magazine - Robot on the rise

AGT Robotics mentioned in the American Metal Market Magazine:

In the June 2018’s issue of the Metal Market Magazine, AGT is mentioned for its expertise in developing robotic systems for the low volume / high mix production.

Article “Robots on the rise“, Written By Nat Rudarakanchana.

One seminar at the show, aimed at structural fabricators who cut, bend and process steel for construction projects was even entitled: “Robotic Welding for Unique Parts, or: ‘How you can weld structural steel beams with a donut and a coffee.’” AGT Robotics’ general manager Louis Dicaire explained there how robots could, with sufficient software and sophistication, weld unique parts – a challenge in steel construction, where special customized shapes are required that are unique to the building and the steel’s role in the building.
Dicaire also discussed the wider use of robotics within steel and within industrial manufacturing. Some 150,000 robots now actively work in heavy industry globally, but most work on high-volume production of parts, where many identical components are produced, he told a diverse audience of structural engineers, architects and steel fabricators.
Robotic welding is “quite new” in structural steel as it is a relatively “low-volume” business with a highly specialized mix of products, he said. Fitting and welding can represent 50% of a steel fabrication shop’s operations, with the latter alone taking up 25% of a shop’s operational time, estimated Dicaire.
Done manually, a human welder usually welds between 10 and 20% of their shift, in on-arc time. The rest of a shift is often spent examining welds, repositioning steel, and so on. With a robot, the rate achievable is 50-65% of arc-on time. In other words, robots will weld “more often” though not necessarily “faster” than human welders, Dicaire explained.
AGT Robotics has deployed hundreds of robotic welding systems in North America, often dealing with pallet rack beams and upright frames, while it’s BeamMaster Weld has four deployments in Canada, the company’s marketing director Denis Dumas told Metal Market Magazine.
Robotic welders are starting to be adopted by structural steel fabricators, and the market could move in coming months and years, said Dumas. “A lot more fabricators are really thinking about robotics right now,” he reported. “A couple of years ago, few were the ones ready to make an immediate move. Now we feel that the market is ready,” he concluded.

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