Welding accounts for up to 30% of the total process time.

With its labor-intensive nature, welding can impact productivity and overall operational efficiency.

This is where the BeamMaster comes into play. Offering automated, flexible, efficient, and fast solutions that can transform your fabrication shop's capabilities.

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Why is the BeamMaster the best choice for your welding processes?

Reduce your reliance on skilled labor

Say goodbye to the pain of searching, recruiting, training, and retaining qualified welders.

BeamMaster makes it easy!

The BeamMaster requires only one machine operator, no robot programmer, and no qualified welder. The user-friendly console interface makes it extremely easy to use the system. Anyone can do it!

BeamMaster makes it safe!

The BeamMaster puts the safety of your employees first. Laser beam security zones create a safe working environment for operators. Rotator units reduce material handling needs and associated security hazards ensuring peace of mind.


The entire welding process is automated, drastically reducing human intervention.

Automation Enhanced Productivity and Reliability

The BeamMaster, with its ingenious design featuring efficient rotating units and a compact footprint, takes shop layout optimization to the next level.

Double Your Efficiency

BeamMaster's dual-zone configuration enables welding operations in one area, while the second zone can be utilized for tasks such as loading, unloading, flipping, and even fitting and tacking, thereby significantly enhancing overall productivity.

One System, Many Possibilities

The BeamMaster's remarkable versatility isn't limited to just handling various weld types like W Beams, HSS profiles, C Channels, and prefabricated beams. It's also seamlessly compatible with a wide range of accessories, making it the ultimate solution for diverse steel assembly and fabrication needs

Proven system

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