Want To See Everything the Blok Can Do?

BLOK: Modular Robotic Welding Solutions


Our BLOK solutions are configurable and customisable robotic welding systems. We have spent years developing custom-made systems for different industries. The cumulation of experience gained from these integrations brought us our current catalog.

We have a whole range of configurations. From a solution with robots on rails to a Column & Boom system with 10 axes, we will have your fit for automation. The most flexible and cost-effective options to integrate robotics into your welding processes.

BLOK 400

Designed for small and medium-scale production.

Engineered to provide a cost-effective entry point into automation, the BLOK 400 perfectly handles a variety of fabrication tasks with precision, enhancing operational efficiency and quality control. With its user-friendly interface and adaptable configuration, the BLOK 400 is the ideal solution for fabricators looking to optimize their production with consistent results and minimal human intervention.

*Rotating base is optional.

BLOK 500

Made to handle the largest parts.

Crafted for manufacturers who demand the highest levels of productivity and flexibility in their fabrication processes, the BLOK 500 is the ultimate solution for your heavy fabrication needs.

*Rotating base is optional.

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