Canadian Fabrication & Welding: Robotics meets the mainstream - AGT Robotics

Canadian Fabrication & Welding: Robotics meets the mainstream

Robotics meets the mainstream

AGT Robotics mentioned in Canadian Fabricating & Welding:

In the December 2016 issue of the Canadian Fabricating & Welding, AGT is mentioned for its expertise in developing robotic systems for the low volume / high mix production. Also mentioned, the SLT (SelfLearning Technology) that “have automated the offline programming process”.

In this article “Robotics meets the mainstream“, Rob Colman talk about how technology is making the broader application of robots in smaller shops a possibility.

KUKA has been working with AGT Robotics to simplify structural steel welding production, where batch sizes typically are very small, including one-offs. Essentially, AGT has developed software that works with KUKA’s system to extract information from structural steel files like Tekla and Advanced Steel detailing software.
“These files have geometrical information about the welds and also the weld parameters,” Niedbala explained. “AGT’s system is able to combine all of this information and almost entirely generate the program for the robot. Essentially, they have automated the offline programming process for this industry. Now, there may still be some welds that are complex enough or difficult to reach such that they require the intervention of an offline programming technician, or those welds may have to be finished by hand, but for the most part, the entire beam welding program can be generated offline in a matter of seconds.”
Because beams in real life are not perfect like they are in the virtual world, touch sensing is used to ensure the weld path matches the path the program generates.
“That’s part of the beauty of the system – now the robot can make adjustments to the program that has been given to it,” said Niedbala.

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