AGT Robotics

Human-scale robotics is about thriving in the professional world without forgetting to enjoy life.

We sincerely believe that it is possible to flourish in the professional world without forgetting to enjoy life. Working for AGT means making it happen while having FUN! We work hard and we are proud of our achievements, but we also never neglect happiness at work. To have a cohesive team, you also need to know how to have fun while working!

AGT Robotics is also a company that wants to be kind to its team and that will be able to provide support in the realization of everyone. Training, guidance and listening are among the tools that help to develop.

We have offices in Trois-Rivières and Terrebonne, and some positions can be teleworked.

We know that the perfect match is not always within 15 km of the office. If you think you might be the right person, don’t hesitate to send us your application by filling out the online form.


AGT Robotics, a Trois-Rivières-based company, will take you around the world! From Australia to Japan, through Turkey, France, Portugal, and many other countries!

If you have a traveler's heart, you'll undoubtedly explore exotic destinations worldwide while installing our equipment.

Working at AGT is...

robotics on a human scale.

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