With Cortex, Creating a Robot Program has never been that EASY !


Creating a Robot Program has never been that EASY

Once the model has been exported in the proper 3D, format, it literally takes SECONDS to launch the automatic batch program creation process.

Works with most popular 3D CAD software

For structural steel customers, Cortex includes plugins that work inside Tekla or SDS/2so then entire assembly or building is exported in one operation. For heavy fabrication, Cortex canimport the 3D geometryand custom add-ons can be added to get the welding information (position andsize).

The fastest way to program a robot is not programming it !

Robot programming has come a long way, even though teach pendant is still the most popular way to program a robot. With the development of Offline Programming, Kinetic programming and more user friendly method, programming a robot has never been easie. However, all these techniques still involve arobot programmer in the process. Cortex, completely automates the programming process. The end-result: avirtually tested program ready to go in production.

Pefect solution for Low-Volume High-Mix Small Batch Lot-of-one Quantity one Infinite number of combinations

No matter how you call it, Cortex is the tool you need. Youhave seen robots operate, you know they are fast, repeatable and that they show up everymorning. But you also know that each partneeds to be programmed. If you have hundreds of combinations, each program will take many hours, if not many days. With Cortex you do not need qualified weldersand you don’tneed to program.