FANUC Features our Robotic Painting System with SLT - AGT Robotics

FANUC Features our Robotic Painting System with SLT

Robotic Painting System with SLT

FANUC America Authorized Integrator AGT Robotics innovative Self-Learning Technology (or SLT) makes one-of-a-kind product production possible. This robotic cell built with SLT combines robotics, 3D scanners and powerful trajectory generation software into a simple, easy-to-use production cell without the need for robot programming. SLT is the ultimate solution in flexibility for a wide variety of processes including cutting, welding, gouging, grinding, painting and many more.

In this video case study of a Self-Learning Technology system, AGT Robotics provided a complete robotic painting solution for a customer whose custom ceiling panels required painting.

AGT Robotics implemented a FANUC M-710iC/20L long arm robot, equipped with 3D scanners, to automatically generate collision free robot painting paths. After each randomly-shaped tile is scanned, SLT generates a custom paint path. The panels move on to the paint application where the FANUC robot executes the painting process by following the path created by the scan. The robot uses two painting guns ­ one gun for edges and the other for the main surface. The end-user was able to accomplish the 80 unit/hour rate and increase quality and efficiency in the paint application by utilizing the SLT robotic technology. AGT Robotics’ ³Self-Learning Technology² makes one-of-a-kind production possible!