GougeMaster Demonstration at AMFI - AGT Robotics

GougeMaster Demonstration at AMFI

GougeMaster Workshop

Great Demonstration of the GougeMaster during the AMFI Program

As part of the Alberta Manufacturing and Fabrication Innovation (AMFI) program, AGT Robotics has made a demonstration of its GougeMaster.

The AMFI Program was created in 2011 as a professional development program to enhance understanding of modern fabrication technologies through hands-on demonstrations. This year participants included ESAB with their Integrated Cold Electrode (ICE™), Miller Electric with the SubArc AC/DC 1000/1250, Fronius presenting their modular Trans Process Solution (TPS) and AGT Robotics demonstrating the highly efficient GougeMaster (Robotic Plasma-Arc Gouging and Welding solution).

Our Demonstration of the GougeMaster, presented by Christian Lefebvre, Welding Engineer at AGT Robotics, went perfectly well. During the morning session, Mr. Lefebvre displayed the power of our versatile gouging and welding solution by working a 28-inch gouge on the test spool. Followed by a presentation of AGT Robotics and the GougeMaster.

Watch the video of Christian Lefebvre Demonstration:

 As an image is worth a thousand words, I invite you to watch this short video.

About GougeMaster 

GougeMaster is a versatile Robotic Plasma-Arc Gouging Solution that can be used for back gouging, weld metal removal, overlay and hard facing removal, weld preparation, and defect reparation. Fast and secure, it is the perfect gouging solution for pressure vessels and piping, bridge fabrication, windmill towers, and any application where high volume back gouging is required. GougeMaster can perform on steel, aluminium and plenty of other materials.

GougeMaster can gouge with no limits on groove length or width and up to a 38-millimetre depth with a U-shaped or 20-degree sidewall angle groove.
 Robotic Plasma Gouging
GougeMaster can gouge up to 3350mm (11′) longitudinal joints (and more)

Robotic Plasma Gouging

Gougemaster can perform OD Circular Seams from 150mm (6”) to virtually an unlimited size.

Robotic Plasma Gouging


More About GougeMaster



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