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The GougeMaster is an advanced technology that work together to give you faster, higher-quality, automated gouging for pressure vessels and piping, bridge fabrication, windmill towers, and any application where high volume back gouging is required.

In most metal fabrication shops, traditional air carbon-arc gouging has proven to be a good process / tool to work with, in welding applications, but it has its own disadvantages compared to plasma-arc gouging.

AGT’s robotic plasma-arc gouging system uses a conventional plasma cutting system and has the following advantages, compared to air carbon-arc gouging system:

  • Portable and flexible.
  • For many gouging applications.
  • Very quick setup.
  • Reduced noise and fume rates.
  • No risk of carbon inclusion.
  • No need for specialized labor.
  • Drastically reduced post-gouging cleanup time.
  • Extremely constant and high quality gouged grooves (joint preparation and/or back-gouging).
  • Virtually unlimited control over torch angles and weave parameters.
  • Trouble-free operation.
  • Simple to adjust and easy to modify all process parameters.
  • Long lasting consumables.
  • Very simple to use..

Applications are diversified, such as:

  • Back gouging.
  • Weld metal removal.
  • Overlay and hard facing removal.
  • Weld preparation.
  • Weld defects repairs.
  • Surface defects repairs.
  • Any classical known plasma application: standard plasma cutting, chamfering.
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Chester Nagy, President

Plains Fabrication & Supply - Calgary, Alberta

AGT has been great to work with. They have expert level knowledge and skill on both PAG and robotics, and their training and support have allowed us to be very self-sufficient with this technology. We expect to fulfill the ROI within 2 years. This investment is allowing us to be more competitive in both project delivery and cost, and we are currently looking at other AGT innovations for our spool welding operations.”

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GougeMaster: Robotic Gouging

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June 23, 2015
GougeMaster Workshop

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