BeamMaster Weld - Modern Steel's Hot Product of the year 2017 ! - AGT Robotics

BeamMaster Weld – Modern Steel’s Hot Product of the year 2017 !

AGT Robotics mentioned in Steel Executive Magazine:

AGT Robotics is proud to announce that its BeamMaster Weld  once again honored AGT Robotics with hot products list at the annual 2017 NASCC. Published by Modern Steel Construction, Steel Executive Magazine serves as the leading source for news, market developments, and business issues impacting the steel industrie.

AGT BeamMaster weld Beammaster Weld is a robotic welding line specially engineered to answer all the welding needs of structural steel fabricators.The system features a small footprint, complete robotic automation and integration with dedicated software. The entire welding process is automated from CAD to production and handles different weld types , which are defined by the 3D model or generated by CORTEX Structural. It accepts wide-angle shapes, HSS and even tapered beams. Compatible accessories include angles, stiffeners, base plates, end plates and other standard parts.

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