Structural Steel

The structural steel industry is the ultimate low-volume, high-mix application. Even though most beam assemblies are similar, they are never exactly the same.



Traditional robot integrators would give up on these applications because it would involve too much robot programming and dedicated fixtures, thus killing the application return-on-investment.

Steel industrie

With AGT’s patented SelfLearning Technology, handling small lots and even unique parts is quite straightforward. With a basic 3-hour training, any operator can use the robotic equipment and manufacture parts as per the 3D model. No need to understand complex fabrication drawings or know how to use an industrial robot.

Solutions for the structural steel industry are:

  • Robotic fitting and welding;
  • Robotic welding equipment;
  • Robotic gouging equipment;
  • Bridge girder automatic laydown;
  • Bridge fabrication robotic stiffener welding;
  • Cross-frame robotic welding equipment;
  • and more.

Type of parts achievable with our structural steel products

The parts below was welding with the robot BeamMaster. The projections made on the parts are do the LayoutMaster

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