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Pallet Racking Industry

The selective pallet racking is a dynamic industry in North America. Pallet Rack are among the most widely used type of storage solutions in heavy industry, shipping and manufacturing.

Pallet rack is a material handling storage system designed to store pallets (and other materials) in warehouses. This multi-level structural storage system is a fundamental component of any distribution, storage, or material handling operation.

Pallet Racking - Structural vs roll formed

Selective pallet raking system generally comes in two configurations: Roll formed and structural. Both having their pros and cons.

Main components of pallet rak includes:
  • Load beams
    Load beams include the main beam (roll formed or strutural beams) welded to the beam connector.
  • Upright frames
    Upright frames define the height and depth of the pallet rack. They are composed of two columns (post)and horizontal and diagonal bracing.
  • Wire decking
    Wire decking is commonly used as a safety measure and prevent the pallets from falling.

Robotic Welding For Pallet Rack Manufacturers

Armed with a strong expertise in robotic welding, AGT Robotics has successfully launched a first system to automate the process of welding beam connectors to their beams. Helping manufacturers to increase their productivity and reduce their WIP (Work In Process: total lead time from order to delivery).

AGT is currently developing a new system to help pallet rack manufacturers to automate the production of upright frames.

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