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Solutions for the Railcar Industry

North American Railcar Manufacturing

North American railcar manufacturers produce a variety of rolling stock that is used to transport goods.

This industry is split into several categories:

  • Tanks cars carry petroleum products and other liquid products.
  • The Hopper cars can transport grain,sand and fertilizer as well as coal.
  • Gondola cars are primarily used for coal.
  • The box cars transport cargo such food products.
  • Intermodal cars transport containers and trailers.

AGT Robotics Specialized In Tank Car Automation Systems

Tank Car

Many variants exist due to the wide variety of liquids and gases transported. Tank cars can be pressurized or non-pressurized, insulated or non-insulated, and designed for single or multiple commodities.

New regulation for DOT 111 tank car to be replaced by DOT 117.

Until 2025, 115,000 DOT 111 tank cars must be replaced with the newer DOT 117 tank cars. The tank car manufacturing industry faces a great challenge: keeping up with demand. AGT can help the manufacturers by offering highly efficient automated solutions for the various stages of the fabrication of a tank car.

How can AGT Robotics help manufacturers?

Our dedicated team of engineers developed several concepts and applications for the Rail Car industry. AGT Robotics gained over time a high knowledge of the tank car manufacturing process and can help any tank car manufacturers with their automation and robotics projects.

Robotic processes used in the Railcar industry:

  • Robotic fitting and welding;
  • Robotic welding equipment;
  • Robotic gouging equipment;
  • Robotic cutting equipment;
  • Robotic gouging equipment;
  • Robotic circular seam welding;
  • Longitudinal seam welding;
  • Robotic attachments welding
  • Robotic manhole welding
  • … and more

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Our Solutions for the Railcar Industry

Potential applications developed for the industry