Installing Tekla, adding AGT plugin, exporting a file - AGT Robotics


  1. Copy the attach file on your desktop

  2. Unzip

  3. Double click on it

  4. First window : press “NEXT”

  5. Install the plug-in in your “C:\Program Files\TeklaStructuresPartner \2018

  6. Then “NEXT”

  7. Third window : press “NEXT”

  8. Fourth window : press “Close”

Add the AGT plugin

1. Click Menu

          2. Click Settings


          3. Click Ribbon

          4. Write a keyword to find the plugin: ex. Agt


          5. Under “Applications & components” Drag and drop the plugin in the Ribbon above.

Export a file

          1. Open Tekla 2018


          2. Choose a model


          3. Add the AGT plugin in the ribbon if it is not done (see procedure below)


          4. Click on it


          5. Output on your desktop


          6. Select : “All” or “selected” 


          7. Click: “ok”

See video made by customer on how to export file: