A Revolution in Steel Fabrication

Introducing the LayoutMaster, a state-of-the-art 3D color projection system that revolutionizes the fitting process for modern steel fabrication. It eliminates the need for guesswork and brings in an era of precision and productivity.
LayoutMaster sets a new standard in fitting with its unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. The advanced technology enables projecting essential details such as connections, holes, and part numbers onto various steel structures like H-Beams, HSS, Channels, Angles, Plates, and more.
Gone are the days of time-consuming manual measurements and complex calculations.

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A Leap in Efficiency

Ditch the tedious task of manual fitting with LayoutMaster. It's the fastest way to fit that requires no huge floor space or highly trained fitters. Traditional methods using drill lines or coping robots are slow and imprecise. LayoutMaster accelerates your workflow without compromising accuracy.

Comprehensive Projection

LayoutMaster is not limited to a specific type of profile. Its 3D projection feature can be used on a variety of profiles. If you need to project one component onto another, LayoutMaster can do so with ease and accuracy. Say goodbye to uncertainty and guesswork as LayoutMaster allows you to achieve precise fittings every time.

CAD Comes to Life

With LayoutMaster, CAD designs can be projected in full color with unmatched accuracy. The system's multiple layers, which can be controlled for thickness and color, ensure that connections are placed precisely. This makes the fitting process not only efficient but also streamlined.

Unlock Maximum Potential

Optimize your fabrication process by combining LayoutMaster, BeamMaster, and Rotators. This dynamic combo allows the fitter to work in one zone while the robot welds in another, reducing handling and increasing efficiency.


The LayoutMaster system provides detailed fitting information, eliminating the need for manual measurements and markings with chalk.


Save up to 30% of your fabrication time by embracing LayoutMaster's speedy and accurate fitting process.

Optimized Space

LayoutMaster is designed to be mounted on rails, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with your current setup and save floor space.


LayoutMaster enhances your entire workflow, from fitting to welding, ensuring a smooth production cycle.

Fit with Confidence

Investing in advanced machinery is a smart move, but don't let manual fitting hold you back. With LayoutMaster, you can enhance your fitting phase and experience precision, speed, and simplicity like never before. Join the ranks of modern fabricators who have embraced the future of steel fabrication and fit with confidence and precision.

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