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Highly flexible robotic production cell for girders gouging and welding.


  • Quick offline programming tools for robots trajectories
  • MIG weld with fluxcore or Metalcore
  • Robotically plasma gouging to replace manual arcair
  • Weld and gouge spliced plates without preparation
  • Adaptable rail length (for floor layout and multi station configuration)
  • Optional pivoting table


  • High Throughput & Productivity (set-up & processing time)
  • Consistency and quality of preparation and welds
  • Plasma gouging drastically reduce
  • noise and fume
  • post-gouging cleanup time
  • Bad preparation quality
  • Consumables
  • Very low percentage of rework
  • No need for highly-trained personnel
  • Greatly improves:
  • Floor space management
  • Equipment resource management