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Robotic cell with large turning table to perform plasma cutting on large size parts.


Custom equipment, flexible, with a large turning table, designed to work on large parts, scanning to optimize the use of raw material, oxygen cutting and plasma marking performed by a robot with a long arm, fixed to a bracket, SLT (SelfLearning Technology).


  • No need for highly-trained personnel
  • High quality welding
  • Better preparation of welding seams
  • Time reduction of marking of components to be fixed
  • Automated operations
  • Wide work zone
  • Execution of complex trajectories for 3D cutting
  • Fully flexible: the system can accept any large part that fits in the volume
  • LowVolume/High-Mix: every part is different to the next one
  • Constant results: with accurate 3D vision system, the equipment always achieves high-performance results.


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