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Fully automatic plasma cutting and grinding system for elbow manufacturers.

The project consists of installing an automated production cell to cut (in an optimised fashion) the elbow forgings (halves). This equipment automatically scans pairs of elbow forgings, generates and runs an optimised plasma cutting path, grinds cut edges, and removes excess material from elbow section ends (pre-cut).



Final product is ready for assembly and welding.

Robotic Cutting & grinding with SLT
The cell operator simply loads the system’s turntable with as-forged elbow halves, defines specific criteria for the loaded parts, executes a dry run of the system to ensure load orientation is valid, then executes full system programming. The system then scans the parts, figures out the optimized cut plain to ensure good weld fit-up, then executes the required plasma cutting – followed by grinding.


  • SelfLearning Technology (SLT)
  • Scanning system fitted on a robot arm
  • Plasma tool for robot arm
  • Rotating table


  • Absolutely no robot programming – it’s completely automatic!
  • Reduction of grinding time
  • Better preparation of welding seam
  • Flexible system