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Mobile High Precision Inspection System. Mounted Nikon Laser Radar on an areal linear rail to be able to have an acceptable reach to several stations.

High Mobility:

  • A high precision laser radar moves automatically to several inspection stations
  • No need to move the pieces for inspection or to have several fixed inspection stations: the system reaches the piece wherever it is in the factory
  • inline inspection

High Precision & Repeatability:

  • Inspection routines performed without disturbance or vibration

Dimensional Inspection Report:

  • Report generated in real time for each inspected piece: every single measured feature are labeled “PASS” or “FAIL”

High Precision Measuring:

  • Up to 50µm accuracy at 5m
  • Range up to 50m
  • High accuracy measurement on most material
  • Combined scans offer complete coverage


Prepare the inspection routine by selecting the relevant features to be inspected and their tolerances for an efficient quality control



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Mobile high precision inspection system

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