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Robotic Gouging

In most metal fabrication shops, traditional air carbon-arc gouging (ArcAir™) has proven to be a good process to work in welding applications, but it has its own disadvantages compared to plasma-arc gouging.

AGT’s robotic plasma-arc gouging system uses a conventional plasma cutting system and has numerous advantages in comparaison to air carbon-arc gouging system:

  • Portable and flexible;
  • Very quick setup;
  • Reduced noise and fume rates;
  • No risk of carbon inclusion;
  • No need for specialized labour;
  • Drastically reduced post-gouging cleanup time;
  • Extremely constant and high quality gouged grooves (joint preparation and/or back-gouging);
  • Virtually unlimited control over torch angles and weave parameters;
  • Trouble-free operation;
  • Simple to adjust and easy to modify all process parameters;
  • Long lasting consumables;
  • Very simple to use.;

Applications are diversified, such as:

  • Back gouging;
  • Weld metal removal;
  • Overlay and hard facing removal;
  • Weld preparation;
  • Weld defects repairs;
  • Surface defects repairs;
  • Any classical known plasma application: standard plasma cutting, chamfering;

Click to watch the watch the video of the GougeMaster - Robotic Plasma Gouging

GougeMaster - Robotic Plasma Gouging is the perfect example of our expertise in Robotic Gouging.

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