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RackMaster Upright

Robotic System For Welding Pallet Rack Uprights

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity


Highly Flexible


High Quality

Flexible-Easy Implementation

Easy Implementation

The RackMaster lineup consists of multiple solutions designed to robotically weld your upright frame components. We have system configurations to suit the needs of all pallet rack manufacturers

The perfect solution
Conventional manufacturing of uprights is labor intensive and inefficient. Until now this has been challenging to automate because of the wide variety of upright configurations and the variances in material profiles and tolerances. AGT’s RackMaster solutions have changed all that!

RackMaster Upright

Multiple Configurations
AGT has created the RackMaster series of solutions specifically for the welding of upright frames. Precision welding robots, mounted on linear rails and guided by machine vision, are able to overcome variations in part tolerances to create high quality, repetitive welds every time. Our unique Parametric Programming capabilities allow you to instantly change-over to match your production demands. With multiple available configurations flexibility is built in.

Our side-by-side solution incorporates one or 2 Fanuc welding robots. Each system is equipped with two zones allowing a safe work environment for your employees to load and unload frames while the robots weld continuously. Each zone can be equipped to handle uprights up to 40’ in length. The in-line configuration makes it easy to incorporate into your manufacturing operations. Our unique frame fixture design allows for rapid adjustment for different frame specifications.

System Specification
  • The equipment is capable of producing beam lengths up to 40”
  • The equipment is capable of width from 24” to 72”.