Testimonials - AGT Robotics


Comptoir Agricole St-Anne

Le système de soudage robotisé d’AGT s’est inséré naturellement dans nos procédures actuelles. L'impact sur nos opérations est fut majeur. D'abord, la qualité de soudage est exceptionnelle et surtout nous permet d’avoir une certaine consistance tout au long de la production. Ensuite, le soudage ne constitue plus le bouchon d'étranglement de notre production. Avec un minimum de formation, un opérateur peut opérer la cellule.

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Matthew McLean, Engineering

Craig Manufacturing

Thanks to a great effort from AGT and the team at Craig we are soon ready to begin full production. I’m very happy with the installation and the excellent training and programming support from AGT that has brought great improvements in weld quality and a very smooth startup.

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Christian Kellett, General Manager


“AGT’s expertise in robotics and their SLT system made them the perfect fit for our specific needs. AGT Robotics helped us all the way down to the installation and starting production. And it works very well.”

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Michael Morgan, General Manager ASG

Lincoln Electric Company of Canada

“We have worked very closely with AGT on many welding projects, and they can count on our full support. AGT has always represented our products in the most professional way possible, which is shown in customer satisfaction at the end of a project. We have confidence in their capability representing our name and reputation in the market place.”

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Peter Fitzgerald, General Manager

FANUC Robotics Canada Ltd.

“We have worked with AGT over many years and they are a valuable and skilled partner. They are a preferred FANUC integrator for large welding systems and in fact one of our largest welding system integrators in Canada.”

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Bombardier Transportation

In mid-November 2013, the rail car production started at Bombardier Transportation, and the final results meet all the standards and expectations. This excellent example of first class partnership between three Canadian entities demonstrates the accomplishment you obtain when you reunite competence, avant-gardism and professionalism in a world market. Congratulations to all for this promising success which will help the future of our local businesses!!!

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Chester Nagy, President

Plains Fabrication & Supply - Calgary, Alberta

AGT has been great to work with. They have expert level knowledge and skill on both PAG and robotics, and their training and support have allowed us to be very self-sufficient with this technology. We expect to fulfill the ROI within 2 years. This investment is allowing us to be more competitive in both project delivery and cost, and we are currently looking at other AGT innovations for our spool welding operations.”

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