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PainMaster TT - Adaptive Robotic Painting

Testimonial Decoustics

Christian Kellett, General Manager

Decoustics - Woodbridge, Ontario

For over 35 years Decoustics ( have been an international leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of custom acoustical ceiling and wall products. Decoustics offers a large range of finishes, panel sizes and shapes to meet individual project requirements.

The painting of our panels was all done manually. Our challenge was to find a way to automate this process with a system able to adapt to a large variety of sizes and shapes and multiple dimensions.  

We approached AGT Robotics with our requirements and they proposed a completely integrated robotic painting cell that includes 3D scanners and their SelfLearning Technology (SLT). With this strategy, we do not program the painting robot. From the 3D scan, the SLT technology generates a robotic path (program) that has been calculated automatically using the topography of the panels. Each panel it sees can be different.  

For Decoustics this means that we can finally enjoy the benefits of automating our highly customized production. After using AGT’s system for a few months now, the main benefits for us are:

  • Visible increase of our Throughput (20%);
  • Better painting quality and consistency;
  • Repeatability;
  AGT’s expertise in robotics and their SLT system made them the perfect fit for our specific needs. AGT Robotics helped us all the way down to the installation and starting production. And it works very well.  

I highly recommend AGT Robotics for their expertise, build quality, and support.