Testimonial - Craig Manufacturing - AGT Robotics

AGT Robotics - System Integrator

Matthew McLean, Engineering

Craig manufacturing - Hartland, NB

The heavy construction equipment attachment experts since 1946, Craig Manufacturing has a long history of producing custom manufactured solutions that fit the custom needs of our customers.
With an in-house engineering team and an experienced team of sales professionals who understand your attachment needs, Craig Manufacturing is committed to providing innovative products that work for you day-in and day-out.

I’m pleased to report that we now have all variants programmed and tested to satisfaction.
Thanks to a great effort from AGT and the team at Craig we are soon ready to begin full production.
I’m very happy with the installation and the excellent training and programming support from AGT that has brought great improvements in weld quality and a very smooth startup.

Thanks to everyone involved for helping to make this possible!


Matthew McLean, Engineering

Wow! What an amazing couple of weeks I’ve had working on the install and training for the robot.
Awesome team members and company to work with. AGT has really proven to this point to be a great value to me.
I look forward to continued success with all involved, and thank you for this opportunity.

Michael Grace

Michael Grace / Engineering


Your team did a great job. The install and commissioning have gone well.


Ben Craig / President