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Basic Robotics

Fanuc eLearn online training (self-directed)

Robot Operation (3h)

Introduction to robotics including terminology and basic operations:

  • Safety and Powering ON/OFF
  • Jogging the robot in JOINT & WORLD coordinates systems
  • Creating and modifying programs with teach pendantt
  • Abort, delete, edit and test a program
Arctool Operation & Programming (3h)

Continuing introduction to robotics applied to welding:

  • Frames
  • Inputs/outputss
  • Basic program instructions
  • Program editing
  • Robotic welding programming
  • Macro Instructions
  • Preparing the robot for productionn
  • Program & files management
Weldpro (4h)

Introduction to offline programming using Roboguide/Weldpro :

  • Software basics
  • Tools & Fixtures
  • Programming
  • Creating virtual cell

ToolingU elearn training – Basic Robotics

Introduction to Robotics - Exercises (12h)

Introduction to Robotics (various modules)

  • Robot Components 120
  • Applications for Robots 130
  • Automated Systems and Control 135
  • Robot Axes 140
  • Robot Maintenance 170
  • Introduction to Robotics 201
  • Robot Safety 211
  • Robotic Drives, Hardware, and Components 220
  • Robot Installations 230
  • Robotic Control 240
  • Robot Troubleshooting 331
  • Concepts of Robot Programming 341

AGT Robotics – Basic Robotic Training

AGT Robotics – Basic Robotic Training (16h)

Basic Robotic Training given remotely by AGT Robotics as a complement or replacement of the Fanuc virtual Arctool training.

  • Introduction to robotics
  • Safety
  • Robot operations
  • Programming
  • Exercices
  • Introduction to robotic welding
Supervised Hands-on exercises (remotely) (8h)

Hands-on exercises

  • 1 day of supervised lab exercises to apply the theory covered in the virtual trainingss

Online virtual training given live by a Fanuc instructor.

ArcTool Operations and Programming -Instructor Led Virtual Training (Course Code: J2P0410-VT) (40H)

Course objectives: This training covers common tasks and procedures that operator, technician, engineer or programmer must perform on a daily basis when using a robotic welding system.

  • Jogging the robot
  • Backups
  • Assign “Payload”
  • Vision matering
  • Resuming production
  • Create, edit and run welding programs
  • Programming instructions
  • Inputs/outputs
  • Create and execute MACROS
  • Configure Arctool
  • Create weld procedures and weld schedules
  • Utiliser le RAMPING
  • Perform TorchMate calibration
  • Power ON/OFF system
  • Using the Teach Pendant
  • Recommended safety procedures are integrated into all training exercises. The course consists of lectures, demonstrations, and a series of lab exercises designed to reinforce what the student has learned. In addition to lab exercises, a pretest and post test are used to measure mastery of objectives..

    Audience: This course is intended for the person who must set up and record a program on an R30iA, R-30iB, or R30iB PLUS controlled robot with an ArcTool software package.

    Material: computer with internet connection, mail address to receive course manual, Weldpro software demo version installed Recommendations: dual screen, headset with microphone

Basic Welding

CWBi ACORN eLearn modules

AGT-ACORN Training Package (15h)

AGT-ACORN Training Package:

  • Health & Safety HS1.1
  • Power Sources PS1.1
  • Welding Procedures PR1.1
  • Weld Quality WC1.1
  • Joint Design & Welding Symbols JS1.1)
  • Gas metal Arc Welding WP3.1
  • Plasma Arc Cutting WP6.1
  • Distortion DT1.1
  • Pre-Employment Metallurgy ME1.1

ToolingU elearn training – Basic Welding

ToolingU eLearn modules (16h)

ToolingU eLearn modules:

Basic Welding :

  • Foundations of Arc Welding
  • Variables in Welding
  • Welding Technology
  • Welding Joints, Positions and Symbols
  • Identifying Shapes and Dimensions of Metals
  • Material Science in Welding
  • Material Preparation and Fit-up
  • Welding Standards
  • Visual Weld Inspection Plans
  • Weld Discontinuities and Defects
  • Inspecting and Testing Welds
  • Vision and Body Position in Welding
  • GMAW :

    • Principles of GMAW
    • GMAW Shielding Gases
    • GMAW Electrodes
    • GMAW Modes of Metal Transfer
    • GMAW Equipment and Accessories
    • GMAW Maintenance and Repair
    • GMAW Aluminum Welding
    • GMAW Stainless Steel Welding
    • GMAW Pipe Welding
    • More detail to come

AGT Robotics – Basic Welding

AGT Robotics – Basic Welding (4h)

Basic welding training, given remotely, to complement online training

  • Introduction to robotic welding
  • Procedure for repeatable teaching

Advanced robotics

Fanuc Advanced TPP Programming – Instructor-led virtual training (ADVTPP-VT)



  • Understand Frame manipulation related to programming issues
  • Understand advanced program control structures
  • Develop programs with a language-independent model
  • Perform coding of programs using advanced programming techniques
  • Understand Mixed-Logic and Background-Logic
  • Set up Multi-tasking operations
  • Create Condition Monitors
  • Design methods for Error Trapping/Recovery

ToolingU elearn training – Advanced Robotics

ToolingU elearn training – Advanced Robotics (3h)

Advanced Robotics :

  • Robot Sensors 150
  • Vision Systems 250
  • Industrial Network Integration 260

Programming with LTS Seam Finding

Programming with LTS Seam Finding (24h)

LTS Programming

  • Introduction to seam finding
  • AGT LTS system
  • Seam finding programming
  • Good programming practices
  • Tool design
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Virtual training includes one day of remotely supervised training exercises to complement the theory

AGT Robotics – Advanced Robotic Training

Advanced robotic training given by AGT (16h) – FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY

Advanced robotic training given by AGT:

  • iRVision Calibration
  • Robot precision mastering (J4-J5)
  • Controller update
  • Parametric programming
  • Offsets and Relative Positions
  • 3D Coordinates transformation
If you want to take that course you need to contact one of our representative

Advanced Welding

ToolingU elearn training – Advanced Welding

ToolingU eLearn modules (8h)

Advanced robotics training.

  • Welder Certification and Qualification
  • Advanced Foundations of Arc Welding
  • Advanced Variables in Welding
  • Advanced Welding Technology
  • Advanced Material Science in Welding
  • Advanced Waveform and Modes of Transfer
  • Advanced GMAW Process Controls

Advanced Welding Training by AGT Robotics

Advanced training given by AGT (8h)

Advanced robotic welding training given by AGT

  • Welding parameters and their influence
  • Weld procedure development